The “Honey-Do” List, something oh so familiar to couples and homeowners everywhere. This list is comprised of all those projects that need to be completed around the home, large and small. Typically it sounds a little something like “Honey, do this….”

Unfortunately, because I’m single it’s more of a “Get Off Your Lazy Ass and Do-It-Yourself” List.

This week I am moving into my new house here in New York. I lived in my previous home for about 5 years. It was the first time I lived completely on my own, just me and my two pups. It took some time, but eventually I accumulated all of the little things you don’t necessarily consider right when you move in. For example, that first time you open your kitchen cabinet to grab the salt and pepper, resulting in one of those abrupt palm to your forehead slaps. No, salt and pepper do not come with the place.

Most of those “little things” did not make my 8-hour move down to New York with me. Frankly, I just didn’t want to deal with it all. This time I thought it may be worth making a list of these items and tasks prior to settling in. Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

“Get Off Your Lazy Ass and Do-It-Yourself” List:
1. General cleaning supplies. Obviously these will come in handy, but no matter how clean a place is when you arrive, take a little pride in it and give it a good once over.
2. Light bulbs. I’m partial to those energy saving ones myself. Anything that makes me feel like I can save a couple bucks without having to try is super.
3. Curtains. My bedroom curtains made the trip with me. Well, they were used in my living room, but will match the color scheme in my master bedroom so perfectly. So while that is taken care of, I should at least take care of the two giant windows in my kitchen and living room on Day 1.
4. Curtain rods. Can’t hang curtains without those nifty things.
5. Paint. Removing the old curtain rod holders will probably require I pop open the cans of paint left behind and cover up whatever happens to be underneath.
6. Bathroom. Shower curtains and rods are obvious. A bath mat wouldn’t hurt and yes I’ll need towels, etc.
7. Workspace. I’ve decided to also utilize the living room as my workspace. I’m actually excited about the rooms layout, not to mention the brand spanking new furniture and TV. With that in mind, to couple with my excitement, I have to go on the search for the perfect desk. I do not want anything too large or small, not overbearing, and shouldn’t draw attention from the other areas in the room. The desk needs to be that perfect understated trendy piece.
8. Closet upgrade. The master closest is anything but ideal. So much so I’m considering using the empty kitchen cabinets to store some of my shoes. After all of the bedroom furniture is in I’m considering using some of the wall space, most likely a corner, to put Ikea closet pieces to good use. I won’t know exactly how until I see what I’m working with, but a girl needs some extra shelving and a place to hang her dresses!
9. Salt and pepper. Can’t forget that one.

And this is where I draw a blank. I have a whole separate list for the yard, but I’m a little more concerned with the living space at the moment. Regardless, it’s going to be a long few weeks and I am sure more things will come up.

PS Did I mention I hate moving?

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