Do’s and Dont’s

There are of course “Do’s and Dont’s” in fitness. There are also the “Hell No’s” and the “What the Hell Are You Doing’s”.

But does that mean fitness is one size fits all? Hell no.

Yes, there are guidelines, but realistically there are so many variables involved to be able to say one methodology is above all THE methodology.

For starters, everyone has different interests. Some get there exercise playing sports – tennis, basketball, baseball, etc, others hit the gym. There are you meatheads, juice heads, cardio freaks, crossfitters, boot camps, spinners, Zumba-ers, yogis, shall I continue?

Next there is the obvious fact that everyone is NOT equally capable. Our bodies differ, as do our skill levels. Some carry extra weight, some not enough. There are people with a whole lot of muscle (and can’t to even touch their shoulders), and there are people with not enough muscle development. Some people are incredibly flexible, while others, myself included, are lucky they can touch their toes, or not.

My last major variable would have to be personal goals. I hope we all wish to be the best version of ourselves, which my appear as something different to everyone, but it would be foolish to say everyone wants the same thing.

With that in mind, here are some of my “Do’s & Dont’s”:

1. Find out what kind of fitness interests you. If it seems like a chore you’ll be less inclined to stick with it.
2. Don’t be afraid to mix it up. The same routine is not only monotonous, but will lead to plateau and lack of results.
3. Ask for help. There are fitness professionals and enthusiasts just dying to share their knowledge. No matter what the exercise, you always want to make sure you’re using proper form in order to minimize chance of injury and maximize your results.
4. Rest. Letting your body recover is just as important as putting in the work.
5. Food is fuel. Not feeding your body, especially when physically active, can be very harmful.

1. Never, I mean NEVER, roll up on your toes during a squat, especially if you’re using weight.
2. Bicep curls. If you have to throw your back into it, it’s too heavy. This is not the Ice Cube song.
3. This one is a personal pet peeve. There is no need to flex and admire yourself in the public mirror. You look silly.
4. Front planks are a very popular core exercise that is often butchered. Elbows or wrists should be under your shoulders. Your body should be in a straight line, your ass is not in the air, nor are you humping the ground.
5. Don’t quit.


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