A long time coming…

I must apologize for my more than brief hiatus. Let’s catch up a little.

I’m still living in New York and have not so surprisingly found myself jumping back into the fitness profession. The last few months I have acted as a Membership Consultant for a prominent fitness club, but February has me diving head first back into Personal Training.

Career Plan – Stage 1:
Build my clientele base at my club in NYC as I work to acquire my second certification. Earn my cert for pre and postnatal. Lay the foundation for an online health and wellness platform to provide online coaching and fitness programs. Exhale sigh of relief that I have my first achievable goals to move forward.

I’m excited to watch my dreams unfold and spend every day doing something I love. While all of this is well and good, where’s the fun in it if I skip out on my personal triumphs…

Exactly two years ago this blog gave birth to my passion for fitness with my first and only Figure Competition. It was nothing shy of a bumpy road. It would even be safe to say it was a road riddled with pot holes, debris, twists, turns, and hills that often seemed like mountains. All in all, at the end my shelf was lined with trophies and a fitness crazed monster was unearthed.

Since then I have had a handful of unsuccessful attempts at ending up in the spotlight. Perhaps it was lack of discipline, desire, or just pure circumstance. Excuses aside, I ask you once again to instill your faith in me.

January 1… Okay, I’ll be honest… January 2, 2014 started Figure Prep Spring 2014. A little over two weeks in, and I must say it’s my best effort since the first time around. Something just feels different, in a good way.

I will hit the stage this Spring to showcase my hard work and dedication once again, and this time I’m doing it all on my own. Not only am I training myself, creating my program and progressions, but my diet as well. In no way am I going to say it’s going to be perfect. I mean, let’s be honest, I wasn’t perfect even when I had a seasoned coach push me along.

With that said, it’s time to make a name for myself and put my skills to the test.

If you dare, join me for my no bullshit account of my battle back onto the stage.

Instagram: @missstephanie_dee


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