It took a little while to sink in…

Three years ago, January, I started blogging with My Glorified Journal. My first declared engagement was to compete in a Figure Competition in May 2012. I trained, I competed, I won. It was a great feeling and propelled me into the fitness industry to share my passion with clients. Changing their lives as fitness changed mine.

Although I may have stopped writing for a while and have left the personal training field, fitness is still a priority for me.

Over the last couple years, I have read endless amounts of opinions on exercise modalities and nutrition advice, and I am left in awe of how many conflicting ideologies there are. I am a firm supporter of the idea that “no one thing is right for everyone” and can find valid truths in many approaches.

Getting off the Weight loss – Weight Gain Rollercoaster

It took me a while to realize that certain methods employed in my figure training may work for some and obviously helped me get stage ready, but in the long run it was far from what I wanted. I was in a constant low-calorie deficit and after my training was over all the fat I had lost, plus some, came back in record time. Of course I looked at my results for show prep and wanting to drop the weight again, I utilized the same methods. This cycle continued, for the next two and a half years. Losing weight. Gaining weight back. Not only is my wardrobe confused, but mentally I just can’t take it.

It took me so long to finally feel satisfied with my appearance and every time I got close to that feeling again, I would revert back to a “blimp”. Or at least that’s how it felt.

With my resolution to find balance in my life, it is important to me to once again feel good about my appearance and my performance in the gym. I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy telling people I could deadlift 345lb, squat 315lb and bench press 185lb.

Ding, ding, ding! Tell her what she’s won!

Way back when, aka five years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Bob Bateson, the owner of a Body Blocks fitness facility in Buffalo, NY. He drilled into me that in order to eat properly I had to eat enough to sustain my BMR and support the intense workout regimen I was on. Eat more to lose weight. I listened, somewhat anyway. It wasn’t until recently, having been up and down with my weight, that I realized the truly validity of his practice.

If I, or anyone, is going to make lasting changes in their physique and performance, I have to eat appropriately to support my body. Working with a calorie-deficit may produce quick results, but with the big picture in mind it offers very little gain. In short, I am now tracking my calories to make sure I am eating enough.

That’s not all folks…

Unfortunately, that is only one side of the equation. It is not only about the amount, but about the types of foods I am consuming. I have to make good choices to fuel my body properly, but learn to not be so strict that I unravel at the seams. Honestly, I really do enjoy chicken, sweet potato and veggies. My day doesn’t begin until I have my greek yogurt and granola, but I also enjoy going out for dinner and having a glass of wine.

It’s about creating a lifestyle. Making smart choices and still living your life is the key to lasting success. I have preached this to clients, friends and family for years and I suppose its about time I listen.

Some reading material for your enjoyment (aka other blogs I find inspirational or helpful)


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