Still kicking…

Seeing my social feeds a buzz with all of the Arnold Sports chatter this past weekend made me a little nostalgic. Here’s a post from my post-Arnold experience in 2012 as I geared up for my first Figure show that May. The Arnold Classic was the first Figure Competition I ever watched. It was intimidating and inspiring at the same time. Navigating through the crowds of fitness-fanatics at the Expo felt like home; for the first time since starting my training I didn’t receive awkward glances from walking around eating cold chicken with lettuce out of a tupperware container. I fit right in.

After the expo, I had new insights, new friends and the low-down on a hot coach in my area. I was ready to dive in.

To all of fitness enthusiasts: Keep doing what you’re doing, sharing your passion. Not only are you working towards your goal, whatever it may be, but you are changing the lives of those around you. Keep pushing.

My Glorified Journal

Phew!  It has been quite an interesting week and a half.

Let’s start at the beginning.  The Arnold.  What a great experience.  I arrived in Columbus, OH Thursday around 5pm.  Met my friend at the hotel, drove down to the Convention Center to check out where all the events were being held.  Hit a local bar (don’t worry I went super hardcore sucking down my waters…)

The next morning we started bright and early.  My friend met up with someone to wait in line for their expo tickets around 8am while I drove down to one of the Halls to watch my first ever Figure Competition.  At first I was completely intimidated.  These women were Pros (not quite the level I would be competing at) and completely jacked…  I have never seen so many fake tans in my life (and I grew up on Long Island).

Toward the end of…

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