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ME vs ME

Sometimes it feels like it’s me against the world, but a very wise person recently reminded me that even in my darkest hours I have one thing that remains constant and unwavering; me. She explained how my inner strength and ability to move past obstacles is continually motivation to her. Now, I don’t know about all … Continue reading

Beep beep boop…

WARNING: Abstract thought-train ahead… While I impatiently waited the 30 seconds for the “beep, beep, boop…” version of a “Loading…” message to lead me to my new post page, my brain decided to go off on a little tangent. Although, I suppose it isn’t so far off base, being a reflection on my impatience. Ever … Continue reading

The right choice

So, I admit there are often days I rethink this whole move back to the NYC area. It hasn’t been the easiest, I left a lot behind, and I miss a lot of awesome people. Work is, well work. But when days get rough I try to remember that with a short walk all of … Continue reading

20 Weeks and Counting

Yesterday was the start of my 20 week Figure training period, so I can hop on stage at the end of September for the INBF Natural Mania – WNBF Pro-Qualifier. This year I’m hoping to win my pro card. 20 weeks is a bit longer than the typical training period, but I’m hoping that slow … Continue reading

Stories on a train.

While I may not have made any friends by unplugging my headphones, I sure have opened myself up for some entertaining ease-dropping. I apologize in advance if the story is less interesting than when I heard it as obviously it was simply “listened-in” on. I was inconspicuously overhearing a story that some dude (I’m using … Continue reading


Ever notice how impersonal things have become? I spend an hour on a train with strangers every morning and another hour every afternoon. Usually I see some of the same people because I always wait at the same spot on the platform, board the same car and I guess I’m not the only creature of … Continue reading

Caution: Fast Moving Traffic Ahead

Not only does it feel like if you walk anything less than 100mph through Penn Station or the streets of midtown you’ll be trampled by the fast moving stampede of people, but don’t you dare take a breath at the office. Making it here means you leave all fear and inhibitions behind. You have to … Continue reading

The Man at the Train Station

The other day after work I was waiting for my older brother to meet me at Penn Station so we could ride the train home together. Of course I stood around in front of the LIRR station board for a good 30 minutes just waiting. I took a picture for a complete stranger who doesn’t … Continue reading