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It took a little while to sink in…

Three years ago, January, I started blogging with My Glorified Journal. My first declared engagement was to compete in a Figure Competition in May 2012. I trained, I competed, I won. It was a great feeling and propelled me into the fitness industry to share my passion with clients. Changing their lives as fitness changed mine. … Continue reading

A long time coming…

I must apologize for my more than brief hiatus. Let’s catch up a little. I’m still living in New York and have not so surprisingly found myself jumping back into the fitness profession. The last few months I have acted as a Membership Consultant for a prominent fitness club, but February has me diving head … Continue reading

Do’s and Dont’s

There are of course “Do’s and Dont’s” in fitness. There are also the “Hell No’s” and the “What the Hell Are You Doing’s”. But does that mean fitness is one size fits all? Hell no. Yes, there are guidelines, but realistically there are so many variables involved to be able to say one methodology is … Continue reading

Rest & Relaxation

A little R&R never hurt anyone, right? It has been a crazy couple of weeks. Between holiday travel, moving into my new abode, and the day-to-day I love so much, my training didn’t exactly get the attention it deserves. Horrified that it would ruin my progress, I have been beating myself up mentally about my … Continue reading

In search of greatness

Have you ever felt as if you were really good at a lot of things, but exceptional at nothing? I’m not quite sure what has prompted this little rant of mine. In fact, it is most likely an accumulation of things. I think it originated with the book I read on my train ride from … Continue reading

Am I Becoming Lactose Intolerant?

So, I think I may have made myself lactose intolerant. I won’t pretend to be a registered dietician, any sort of doctor, etc., but from my endeavors as a Figure Competitor, Personal Trainer, and overall fitness enthusiast, I’ve learned a couple things. Top of the chart would be manipulating my diet for results and some … Continue reading

The Perks of Personal Attention

Anyone who knows me or has followed my nonsensical babbling on here knows a few key pieces of info about me: 1. Some of my favorite time is the time I spend in the gym 2. I am a certified personal trainer 3. I am only human With all of the above in mind, I … Continue reading

When it Matters Most

Yesterday was nothing shy of a miserable day. It was raining all day. Work seemed to drag on and my daily afternoon nap didn’t seemed to help any. Still I had high hope that a workout would brighten my day. I decided to go to CrossFit. My shoulders have been in a lot of pain, … Continue reading

Om Nom Nom

Workout, workout, workout. Yes, gym time and cardio time are key when training for a competition. The time you spend reflects 100% in the development of your physique and overall strength and conditioning. But it’s not all about the gym. Diet, diet, diet. There is NO substitute for eating a clean, concise diet during your … Continue reading