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Gone are the days of having hours to dedicate to the gym, to meal prep and to a good night’s sleep. Reality has set in and it has been a struggle. My job has become, well less of a “job” and more of a “career”. I was very fortunate at the latter end of 2014 … Continue reading

Ask for it…

This should be interesting… As part of the Under Armour What’s Beautiful Challenge I’m taking part in I need a little more help from you to keep it moving… Challenge Category: Influence Challenge Title: Ask For It Description: up the ante by providing me with new physical challenges I can attempt (and hopefully conquer). Please … Continue reading

Taking it a step further!

While perusing Facebook I came across an Under Armour contest for women and it starts today. This contest will result in finding 3 new Women to be the face’s of Under Armour for the next year.  The winners will not only become the new faces of Under Armour Women but the sponsorship also includes Training … Continue reading