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Am I Becoming Lactose Intolerant?

So, I think I may have made myself lactose intolerant. I won’t pretend to be a registered dietician, any sort of doctor, etc., but from my endeavors as a Figure Competitor, Personal Trainer, and overall fitness enthusiast, I’ve learned a couple things. Top of the chart would be manipulating my diet for results and some … Continue reading

When it Matters Most

Yesterday was nothing shy of a miserable day. It was raining all day. Work seemed to drag on and my daily afternoon nap didn’t seemed to help any. Still I had high hope that a workout would brighten my day. I decided to go to CrossFit. My shoulders have been in a lot of pain, … Continue reading

Om Nom Nom

Workout, workout, workout. Yes, gym time and cardio time are key when training for a competition. The time you spend reflects 100% in the development of your physique and overall strength and conditioning. But it’s not all about the gym. Diet, diet, diet. There is NO substitute for eating a clean, concise diet during your … Continue reading

Active Recovery

We often forget that letting our bodies recover is just as important as working up a sweat in the gym. I just started CrossFit this month at CrossFit Strong Island in Merrick, NY. While I don’t 100% agree with the overall philosophy, I have definitely missed the group workout environment. Having everyone else suffer just … Continue reading

A week away from normalcy

I had the pleasure of spending this past week with my friend Stephanie while she was in New York for business. I bunked with Steph at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square. While it was wonderful to spend so much time with a dear friend, it definitely threw my training for a loop. We went … Continue reading

20 Weeks and Counting

Yesterday was the start of my 20 week Figure training period, so I can hop on stage at the end of September for the INBF Natural Mania – WNBF Pro-Qualifier. This year I’m hoping to win my pro card. 20 weeks is a bit longer than the typical training period, but I’m hoping that slow … Continue reading

Putting Things in Perspective

My Figure coach the great Terry Stokes shared a post yesterday about one of his national competitors that just had a show this past weekend titled “Shut up… Become a Champion”. What a wake up call! It definitely made me realize a few things. I attacked this process with a different mindset the first time … Continue reading

“Cranky When Hungry”

I don’t know about other competitors, but I should definitely come with the disclaimer “Cranky when hungry”… The hardest part of training for a show is not making it to the gym. That’s the easy part. That’s the part we are all slightly addicted to. What can make or break a competitor (in my opinion) … Continue reading


So I admit I indulged in a few sweets Saturday at my friends birthday party. I didn’t have much and definitely no where near how much I would eat when I used to cheat on my diet… But nevertheless my scale is moving in the wrong direction. Anything but down is the wrong direction. Even … Continue reading

Get your booty moving

Good morning all! I know my recent posts have been pretty early… Did I mention to you all that I stared working at a fitness club? I open the gym a few mornings a week, so I’m up by 3am and at work by 4am. Safe to say my days seem to last for ever. … Continue reading