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Get your booty moving

Good morning all! I know my recent posts have been pretty early… Did I mention to you all that I stared working at a fitness club? I open the gym a few mornings a week, so I’m up by 3am and at work by 4am. Safe to say my days seem to last for ever. … Continue reading

The Final Countdown: Day 5

Yes… Once again I’m late in the day.  I apologize my mind is definitely elsewhere! I started off the day off well. Meal 1: 4 scrambled egg whites, 1/3 cup oats and 1 scoop whey protein Meal 2: 4 scrambled egg whites, 125g green beans and wait for it…. 45g sweet potato 🙂 Meal 3: … Continue reading

The Final Countdown: Day 6

Good morning Day 6! Sorry for no daily update last night, I kind of fell asleep… Yesterday went well… I stuck to my diet and got in most of my workout goals.  I skipped workout 4 or aka my second shift of cardio.  My legs have been so tired.  My hamstrings are so tight I … Continue reading

A Solid 8 Days

I have a solid 8 days left to put in whatever juice I have left in my body to get ready to hit the stage on the 19th.  I still have a few pounds to go.  This is when we see what I’m really made of. (I know you’re probably thinking to yourself that I … Continue reading


So I’m not entirely sure why… And I am terribly disappointed in myself… Buit that didn’t stop it from happening. This weekend I uncontrollably binged.  Even though it was running through my mind with every bite of graham cracker I took that this could ruin all of the hardwork I’ve put in these last few … Continue reading

It’s about to get real…

Okay… crazy wedding weekend is over with and with it goes my sugar overload and last cheat meal. I have 4 weeks to go and its crunch time! Workouts are about to get harder.  Life is about to get a little unpleasant.  And I just received my new diet from Terry Stokes. Essentially I’m eating … Continue reading


Let me start off by saying Happy St. Patrick’s day/weekend… Although yesterday was St. Pattys, today is when shenanigans partake.  Every year the Buffalo St. Patricks Day parade brings our community together with corned beef on rye, green beer, crazy green outfits, and pre-parade “breakfasts”. I’m Irish, love corned beef cabbage and potatoes, Irish soda … Continue reading

Chest, Tri & Shoulder Day… OUCH

Okay, I know I am totally missing some pieces of this workout but here’s what I have for you from my Chest, Tricep & Shoulder day with Paul: (Oh and please be patient some of these exercises weren’t that easy to put in words!) :: 6 minutes Arc Trainer incline 20 resistance 80 :: 1st … Continue reading

Healthy Changes – A New Starting Point

I never really struggled with weight growing up.  I was an athlete all my life and never had to pay much attention to what I ate.  But as many of us know, with age and life changes maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not quite that easy. Things started shifting downhill for me when I was … Continue reading