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The Perks of Personal Attention

Anyone who knows me or has followed my nonsensical babbling on here knows a few key pieces of info about me: 1. Some of my favorite time is the time I spend in the gym 2. I am a certified personal trainer 3. I am only human With all of the above in mind, I … Continue reading

Hobb-Nobbing Help…

Owning a business and working in sales I have to hit up networking events like its my job… because it is.  During the start of my training process attending these events was not pleasant.  A few drinks always help get you in the mood to make friends.  It loosens you up a bit and makes … Continue reading

World meet K.E.H.P.T.

I wanted to introduce you all to a revolutionary company that takes the working class wellness phenomenon to the next level. K.E.H.P.T. – Keeping Employees Healthy Productive and Thankful   KEHPT handles all corporate wellness needs, but specialize in helping businesses identify their key players having the greatest impact on performance and then designing result-specific … Continue reading