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It took a little while to sink in…

Three years ago, January, I started blogging with My Glorified Journal. My first declared engagement was to compete in a Figure Competition in May 2012. I trained, I competed, I won. It was a great feeling and propelled me into the fitness industry to share my passion with clients. Changing their lives as fitness changed mine. … Continue reading

Progress as Promised

Although I hit a little speed bump this weekend and haven’t quite recovered yet, I have faith that I’ll pull it together! So here’s the update… Goal Weight:                    126lbs Current Weight:            126.6lbs Goal Weight by 4/7:      124lbs Unfortunately Saturday … Continue reading

A Day Off

This week has been physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting.  In turn, I’m giving my body the day off.  No Pilates, no yoga, no running and no appointment with my trainer. Pretty soon I won’t have the opportunity to take breaks.  Starting in March I will be working out seven days a week.  Toward the end … Continue reading

What a great feeling

I’ll be honest.  This week was a bit of a struggle.  The first official week of my dietary change came with a visit to the doctor that left me far from comfortable, a networking event, box seats to a Buffalo Bandits game, day trip to SUNY Fredonia and, with an attempt not to over-share too much, … Continue reading

A little off…

I’m happy to say I’m staying true to my diet.  I know it’s only a few days in but usually I would have given in to certain temptations… I don’t have the best will power when it comes to food.  Especially when the ladies at work bring in peanut butter brownies!  Chocolate and peanut butter … Continue reading

My last taste of freedom…

This past Thursday I did a trial run of what it is going to be like enjoying my new daily diet.  I figured I should get a taste for it before it officially kicked into gear today after my return from my weekend voyage.  To say the very least, Thursday was tough. Getting my breakfast … Continue reading

Saying Goodbye…

Don’t count me out just yet… I am not referring to saying goodbye to you or my goal.  But, my new diet plan is in and it’s looking like I am going to have to bid adieu to all the delicious foods I stock my kitchen with every week. I’m not usually one to stroll … Continue reading

Day 2: Here goes!

My training sessions have been pretty consistent and never what I would consider a piece of cake, but slight changes to the level of intensity and I’m already sore from yesterday.  Nevertheless, I have to keep going. Day 2.  Normally the day following a full body workout we would isolate my upper body.  However, since … Continue reading