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Ever notice how impersonal things have become? I spend an hour on a train with strangers every morning and another hour every afternoon. Usually I see some of the same people because I always wait at the same spot on the platform, board the same car and I guess I’m not the only creature of … Continue reading

Caution: Fast Moving Traffic Ahead

Not only does it feel like if you walk anything less than 100mph through Penn Station or the streets of midtown you’ll be trampled by the fast moving stampede of people, but don’t you dare take a breath at the office. Making it here means you leave all fear and inhibitions behind. You have to … Continue reading

Little Woman, Big City

Yesterday marked a new chapter in my life. After having spent the last 7 1/2 years in Buffalo, I accepted a job opportunity in New York City. Everything happened so quickly that I had to move back in with my parents… YIKES! But that warrants a separate rambling sesh all together. No, physically I’m not … Continue reading