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The Perks of Personal Attention

Anyone who knows me or has followed my nonsensical babbling on here knows a few key pieces of info about me: 1. Some of my favorite time is the time I spend in the gym 2. I am a certified personal trainer 3. I am only human With all of the above in mind, I … Continue reading

Putting Things in Perspective

My Figure coach the great Terry Stokes shared a post yesterday about one of his national competitors that just had a show this past weekend titled “Shut up… Become a Champion”. What a wake up call! It definitely made me realize a few things. I attacked this process with a different mindset the first time … Continue reading

Get your booty moving

Good morning all! I know my recent posts have been pretty early… Did I mention to you all that I stared working at a fitness club? I open the gym a few mornings a week, so I’m up by 3am and at work by 4am. Safe to say my days seem to last for ever. … Continue reading

Show Time in Toronto

Feeling a little nostalgic… This weekend was all about the 2012 IDFA International Championship near Toronto Canada. No, I wasn’t competing. But I will say that being there made me wish I was! I took the trip to support some of my fellow Stokes girls and help my friend Andrea calm her nerves and make … Continue reading

The Final Countdown: Day 5

Yes… Once again I’m late in the day.  I apologize my mind is definitely elsewhere! I started off the day off well. Meal 1: 4 scrambled egg whites, 1/3 cup oats and 1 scoop whey protein Meal 2: 4 scrambled egg whites, 125g green beans and wait for it…. 45g sweet potato 🙂 Meal 3: … Continue reading

Day 6 in the bag!

Depleted.  Yep, that’s definitely the word.  I don’t feel like I can drive for more than a few minutes at a time.  I feel lethargic.  My life consists of an empty belly, headaches, aches, soreness and obnoxiously tight hamstrings. On the bright side I’m still putting in the work.  My diet went well today and … Continue reading

A Solid 8 Days

I have a solid 8 days left to put in whatever juice I have left in my body to get ready to hit the stage on the 19th.  I still have a few pounds to go.  This is when we see what I’m really made of. (I know you’re probably thinking to yourself that I … Continue reading


So I’m not entirely sure why… And I am terribly disappointed in myself… Buit that didn’t stop it from happening. This weekend I uncontrollably binged.  Even though it was running through my mind with every bite of graham cracker I took that this could ruin all of the hardwork I’ve put in these last few … Continue reading

“The Beast”

Under Armour What’s Beautiful completed challenge… Challenge Category: Drive Challenge Title: The Beast Challenge Description: Post a video of the gnarliest, moat intense part of your training routine.  The move you love to hate. What’s my beast?! Check out this clip of 15 unaided pull-ups into 10 dumbbell burpees.  Followed by some burnout sets! “The … Continue reading

It’s about to get real…

Okay… crazy wedding weekend is over with and with it goes my sugar overload and last cheat meal. I have 4 weeks to go and its crunch time! Workouts are about to get harder.  Life is about to get a little unpleasant.  And I just received my new diet from Terry Stokes. Essentially I’m eating … Continue reading